Voice Adda

Voice Adda is a 24 hours open Voice based service which enables subscribers to meet new people as well as having fruitful conversations on various topics in their own language just by dialing 8000. It is a place where people can make new friends & talk nonstop on their favorite topics while maintaining complete confidentiality. 

Registration steps
When you first dial, please follow the simple voice instructions to register:

  • first you need to define your gender 
    - press 1 if you are male
    - press 2 if you are female
  • then your age group  
    • press 1 if you are between 18- 24 years
    • press 2 if you are between 25 – 34 years
    • and press 3 if you are 35+
    • you then need to record a nick name 
      - after recording your "nick name" you will be given an option to start talking
      or else you can continue with the registration process, giving a few more additional details   about yourself, such as:
    • location
    • brief introduction about yourself

After a successful registration, a unique ID will be created for you and the chatting option will be activated for you. Follow the simple voice instructions to select the type of people you want to talk with and start chatting:

  • Press 1 to find male friends
  • Press 2 to find female friends
  • Press 3 for top friends
  • Press 4 recently added friends
  • Press 5 for direct dial
  • Press 6 for invitation
  • Press 7 for profile edit
  • Press 8 to cancel registration

After selecting your friend type, you will be asked to select your preferred age category. Once this is done, you will get to hear a collection of short “voice recordings” of the type of people who you want to chat with. When the list is being played out:
- Press 1 to listen to the previous name
- Press 2 to chat with the name you have just heard
- Press 3 to listen to the next name
When you select someone you want to talk with, a request will be generated and send to your selected friend. If he/she accepts the request, you will be soon connected to chat with your new friend.

Receiving an adda request 

when you have successfully registered to the service, you will start getting requests from other members of the voice adda service, inviting you to have a chat with them.
When you receive a chat request from others, you will get to listen to a short description of the profile of the caller. If you are interested, you can get connected by pressing 1, or you can press 2 to hang-up.


Service Type


Voice Adda

1st min BDT 3/min and
2nd min & onwards BDT 2/min


15% VAT & SD charges applicable on above tariff.

Inviting a friend
Once you are a registered member, you can dial 8000 and press option 6 from the main menu to invite your own friends to join this service by entering their Teletalk number. Your friends will receive the invitation SMS to join Voice Adda service.

Profile customization 
If you think any time you need to change your profile info then simply press 7 in the main menu and record and enter your new info.
Cancel registration

If you want to cancel your registration then press 8 in the main menu.