CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility):

Teletalk believes in the empowerment of the people as well as the power inherent in all of us to collectively enforce positive change in our own lives. As a company still in its early years, Teletalk Bangladesh Limited still engaged itself in several CSR activities. Notables among them during the financial year have been described below:

1. Service SIM to Freedom Fighters

Teletalk has provided 325 service SIM to War-wounded Freedom Fighters. Every month those numbers will be provided Talktime and other services equivalent to 500 Tk.

2. Short Code SMS Helpline for Children with Disability/Diseases

The “666 – Helpline for Children” was established with a view to create a specialized fund for children with dire need of financial assistance. All SMS sent to this number was charged and the amount was retained in a special fund. This fund was used for rehabilitation / treatment of the children.

3. Children’s Art Initiative

Teletalk has created an unique outlet to acknowledge and encourage children’s art. With association from “Talent Promotion Initiative” Teletalk has arranged a children’s art competition, where children have engaged in a day long painting competition with Bangladeshi seasonal themes.

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited then published a special “Billboard Calendar” based on selected pictures from the competitions.

4. Blanket Distribution Program

In Rangpur district Teletalk distributed 500 (Five Hundred) pieces of Blankets to the distressed people in the winter through Anjuman Mofidul Islam.

5. Medical Treatment for Bushra

Teletalk initiated a helping program for Bushra – a patient of Blood Cancer. One can send SMS for Bushra to help raise fund for medical treatment. For a 3 years old girl, needing bone marrow transplantation, Teletalk’s unique way of extending help as well as including the community at large was appreciated.

6. Blood Donation Program:

Teletalk has sponsored and directly participated in voluntary blood donation program. ORCA (Old Rajshahi Cadet Association) had organized a blood donation program which was sponsored by Teletalk.