This service allows you to distort your voice in funny ways while calling your friends. You can change and test your voice to sound like a Monster, baby, alien, Mosquito etc.

How to use Magic Voice:

  • Call 16480 and select Magic Voice service from the main menu
  • Select the voice you want to use
  •  You have to subscribe the service first, (3 days subscription free trial) press 1 for daily plan (charge – Tk 2), press 2 for weekly plan (charge – Tk 12) & press 3 for Monthly plan (charge-Tk 50) – all prices are excluding VAT+SD+SC (call charges are applicable).
  •  After successful subscription call 16480 again
  • Select the voice you want to use
  • Enter the number you wish to dial
  • Press 1 to confirm the number
  • When the call is connected the person on the other line will hear voice changed as per your selection
  • Press 9 to manage your subscription (to unsubscribe press 1 after 9)




Subscription Charges

Daily Pack

Tk. 2

Weekly Pack

Tk. 12

Monthly Pack

Tk. 50

Call Charges Applicable

*15% VAT, 10% Supplementary Duty & 1% Surcharge applicable.