About Us
Company Overview

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is the only state-owned mobile network operator (MNO) in Bangladesh. Hundred percent of the company’s shares are owned by the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunication and Information Technology (MoPT); hence the People of Bangladesh are the true owner of this company. It is a public limited company registered under the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC), and the Posts and Telecommunications Division (PTD) of MoPT is the controlling authority of the company.

As an MNO, Teletalk offers mobile voice, SMS, and data services. Teletalk has affordable and customized packages to suit the mobile telecommunication needs of all citizens of Bangladesh. Also, as a state-owned entity, Teletalk is committed to providing all citizens of Bangladesh with the highest quality mobile telecommunication services. Hence, the company is focused on expanding the telecommunication network not only in high revenue earning areas but also in the hard-to-reach areas of the country where private operators are uninterested in doing so due to low revenue earning possibilities. It is a direct instrument of the government for establishing the fourth pillar of Digital Bangladesh, which is- ‘Connecting Citizens’; and an indirect one for the other three pillars- ‘Digital Government’, ‘Human Resource Development’ and ‘IT Industry Promotion’.

The Government of Bangladesh established Teletalk with a specific idea in mind- which was to disrupt the oligopolistic telecom market of that time. Since then, Teletalk has been providing differentiated services to align itself with the Government’s vision of not considering only the business case but also the betterment of mass people. Teletalk is the only MNO of Bangladesh with a 100% native human resource base, and it truly is- ‘Amader Phone’.

Primary Objectives for the Formation of Teletalk

The Government of Bangladesh created Teletalk Bangladesh Limited with the following four objectives:

  • To provide mobile telephone service to the people from the public sector
  • To ensure fair competition between public and private sectors and thereby safeguard the public interest
  • To meet a portion of the unmitigated high demand for mobile telephone
  • To create a new source of revenue for the government.
Incorporation of Teletalk

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited was incorporated on 26 December 2004 as a public limited company under the Companies Act, 1994, with an authorized capital of BDT 2000 Crore. The company obtained the Certificate of Commencement of Business on the same day. Teletalk is the country's only state-owned and government-sponsored mobile network operator (MNO). Teletalk launched its commercial operation on 31st March 2005.

Teletalk’s Network Expansion

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has continually expanded its network to accommodate its growing customer base and keep the promise of providing better service to all citizens of Bangladesh. Teletalk has established its network foothold in 64 Districts, 402 Upazilas, and most highways. Teletalk continues its network expansion to reach more corners of Bangladesh, mainly focusing on hard-to-reach areas (e.g., Chittagong hill tracks, the Sundarbans, Haor-Baor region, coastal belt, etc.)

Digital Services of Teletalk

On top of that, Teletalk provides several unique Value-Added Services (VAS) and Digital Services on behalf of the government. The company's Value-Added Services (VAS) Wing consistently finds innovative ways to digitalize government services. Following are some of the primary digital services of Teletalk:

  • Result processing, re-scrutiny, result archiving of PSC, JSC, SSC, and HSC.
  • Digital admission services of schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Utility Bill payment System for BREB by own arrangement and through bKash
  • Covid-19 response and disaster management response (toll-free dialer-1090)
  • Introducing free-of-cost online class facilities to university students for using the BdRen Distant Learning Platform during the pandemic
Alljobs by Teletalk

To facilitate the idea of ‘Digital Government’, Teletalk has digitalized the application procedure for government jobs. The company has a dedicated job application site called ‘Alljobs by Teletalk’.  It is the government's largest digital job application portal in the country. It has eliminated the hassle of the obsolete manual application procedure for the millions of job seekers of Bangladesh. Along with growing private entities, following are the some of the organs of the government that uses this service:

  • Bangladesh Public Service Commission
  • Bangladesh Police
  • Bangladesh Ansar and VDP
  • Bangladesh Telecommunication and Regulatory Commission
  • National Board of Revenue
  • The Ministries and Divisions of Bangladesh
  • DC Offices of Bangladesh
  • State-owned Enterprises and Companies, and countless more.
Mission & Vision of Teletalk

Vision: To be the most affordable brand offering the state-of-the-art mobile voice, digital services and broadband access to every citizen in every corner of Bangladesh

Mission: To acquire significant market share by providing countrywide network coverage and to be one of the leading Mobile network operators of Bangladesh.